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Free Marketing Tip!

Today is National Apple Day. Apples are just one of the things I love about fall. The snap of a Granny Smith as you bite into its green flesh, immediately followed by the pucker of it's tartness. And then there are caramel covered apples dipped in chopped nuts. Or homemade applesauce with cinnamon or a fresh apple pie or....wait. What was I going to write about again before I got lost in thoughts of yummy apples?

Oh yes, a FREE MARKETING TIP on this beautiful fall FRIDAY!

Everyone is marketing with Halloween items right now, and that's great, but why swim in the sea of sameness? Don't you want your marketing efforts to stand out? What if you incorporated APPLES into your marketing plan for the day? Here are a few ideas for a quick Pop-In visit. I challenge you to visit 3 new places today. Go ahead and commit to it. Right now. You can do it!!!! And don't forget to leave your business cards, and ask for theirs so you can follow up after your 3 Pop-In visits.

  1. Pick up an apple pie at your local bakery and drop it off at your town's administrative offices for the office staff to share.

  2. Buy some caramel covered apples (or make some) and drop them off at an attorney's office you've haven't worked with yet.

  3. Purchase a few bags of apples and drop them at your local food pantry, compliments of your business.

  4. Bring a bag of apples to your local school administration building for the staff to share. Bonus points if you pre-wash them so they can enjoy them immediately.

  5. Drop some cinnamon apple muffins off at your local funeral home. Yes, they need notaries and Apostilles regularly.

Let me know how your apple themed Pop-In visits turn out for you!

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