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One of the calls I host each month as a Notary Business Builder faculty member is called Building Authentic Relationships or BAR for short. No this post isn't a story about an actual bar, but rather about this amazing call that happens twice a month and leaves me energized and full of great ideas. I look forward to my time preparing for the call and delivering the message. I get to dive deeper into topics that drive relationships with others and with ourselves. I've willingly done hours of research on how the brain affects our thinking and all the past experiences that we've had, and how that shapes our world view. It is endlessly fascinating to me how we humans can retrain our brains, and it's something I work on daily.

Why, you ask would I want to "retrain my brain?" Well, if you're like me your inner dialog is a real hard core, take-no-prisoners bitch. You beat yourself up for the smallest mistakes. You doubt yourself constantly, compare your self, your life and your business to others and feel inadequate. Let me tell you, my inner voice can be downright mean and nasty. I wouldn't have the nerve to speak to anyone else in the world the way I speak to myself sometimes. So, retraining my brain is about working on slapping that inner voice upside the head and saying, "OH HELL NO" to negative self thoughts. It's a practice. It takes patience, and it takes the support of others who know what you're going through.

Earlier this week on the Notary Business Builder BAR call, we talked about the proven, scientific ways to build better habits. This is research that has been around for decades. I am a big fan of Mel Robbins, the NYTimes best selling author and podcaster ( and she released a podcast earlier this year about how humans can hack their own brains to put better habits in place. I knew instantly after hearing the show that I had to pass this knowledge on to other Notary Business Builders, and I am so glad I did because we had a fantastic discussion about how we all share the same affliction: getting stuck in the rut of a bad habit. Just seeing other people nod their head in agreement when I was talking about my nasty inner dialogue was a comfort. We got real and raw about which habits we had that we need to reframe and the little ways we've helped ourselves do that. We also accepted that better habits are the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be! You don't have to be smarter than you are right now, or richer or thinner or need to learn how to hack your brain to learn new habits. MIND BLOWN!

If you're a Notary Business Builder, you can catch the replay of Wednesday's BAR call on your NBB dashboard in the recent replays section. If you're not yet a Notary Business Builder and this kind of support and connection are something that interests you, I encourage you to check out the opportunity at There's nothing like it out there that you've seen before!

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Feb 16, 2023

Oh, Thank you! 😊

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