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Going the Extra Mile

Today is "Go The Extra Mile Day" so as you're planning your marketing for November (and likely December) be sure to plan to be EXTRA! As you know, Signing Agent Marketing recommends a minimum of 3 marketing periods per month, plus a networking activity. As we move into the holiday season I encourage you to consider adding extra time for each very important activity!

Lots of offices will be hosting celebrations and you should be a part of those! How do you find them? It's simple! Be sure you're connecting with your attorney, title/escrow, etc. offices on Facebook, LinkedIn and any other social media platforms they use. Pay attention to what they're promoting. Look on the Events page of your Facebook account, too. If an office is hosting a holiday open house, then plan to attend so you can meet everyone in that office. Every chance you get to mix and mingle with potential clients is important because it gives them the opportunity to see how wonderful you are and that you care about growing your business.

Adding additional Pop-In days can be more festive if you choose to dress the part. What do I mean by that? Wear that silly reindeer antler hat or Santa hat while you're visiting offices. If you have an outrageous holiday sweater, wear it while you're Popping In! My favorite thing to wear during my holiday marketing is a big Christmas lights necklace. It naturally gets the attention of anyone who sees it and everyone comments on it (usually before I even announce while I'm in the office).

While you're out doing extra Pop-In visits, ask the receptionist if the office has holiday plans. If they're having an employees-only celebration, offer to contribute something to it. That can be something as simple as dropping off a gallon of iced tea or a pan of your famous homemade stuffing. Going the extra mile and sponsoring a lunch you're not even attending is impressive and will leave a good impression.

Let me know what you decide to do about Holiday Pop-Ins! You never know....they might get featured in this blog (hint, hint)!!

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