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Here's a tip to help your business!

Today is "Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce" Day! This is a great reminder that your local Chamber can be a huge benefit to your business. If you haven't looked into your local Chamber of Commerce (CC), I encourage you to call them up today and inquire what they do to promote small business in your town. CC's are there to help you grow your business and it's perfectly OK to "interview" them before you join. Here are a few great questions to ask:

  1. What are the yearly fees and what is included in those fees?

  2. Do you have specialized groups that meet regularly? Is there an additional fee?

  3. Do you offer learning opportunities to grow my skill set? Is there an additional fee?

  4. Are there ways for my business to get involved with different sponsorship opportunities throughout the year?

  5. How many networking opportunities do you have each month? Which are the most attended and why?

If you're already a member of your CC, take a moment to reflect on how you've participated so far and whether or not it's helped you grow your business. Maybe it's time to dive deeper and join a different group inside your CC or volunteer to be a CC Ambassador. Does your local CC offer specialized groups like Women in Business or Over 50 in Business? Maybe they have an event that interests you and you could volunteer to be on its committee?

Whatever you choose, just be sure you're maximizing your CC membership by getting involved. Being a member without attending regular meetings/networking opportunities/events is pointless and a waste of your money. Getting involved equals more opportunity to meet new people and establish yourself as the go-to mobile notary in your community! And who doesn't want that?

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