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Holiday Marketing Ideas from Notary Business Builders

Part of the benefits of membership to Notary Business Builder is all the amazing ideas we share! I host a weekly call on Tuesdays where we talk about marketing our businesses, and last week we brainstormed fun ideas to promote our business or provide gratitude to our customers. I wanted to share this list with you because it's really good! And, it's more proof that Notary Business Builders are out of the box thinkers who know how to stand out!

  1. Holiday cards with a lottery scratch-off ticket and a sentiment that reads, "wishing you good fortune in the new year"

  2. Miniature succulents

  3. Homemade rum cakes

  4. Mason jar (or cellophane bag) layered hot chocolate fixings with Williams Sonoma decorative holiday marshmallows

  5. Peppermint bark

  6. Decorative dryer balls with essential oils

  7. Homemade soaps

  8. Small rosemary plant to mimic a Christmas tree

  9. Herb satchels for mulled wine or a holiday turkey

  10. Offer gift wrapping services

If you're interested in exploring Notary Business Builder to see if it's right for you, just visit for more information or to sign up. You won't regret it!

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1 Comment

Nov 09, 2022

Great ideas, thank you!

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