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I got nothing....

So much has happened since my last blog post! I traveled to Modesto, CA to participate in the Notary Symposium, hosted by Laura Biewer. I hung out with the bestest of notary friends while there, laughed until my abs hurt, drank more wine and ate more cheese than is probably good for one human to ingest and created some amazing memories ....but I also got covid. FREAKING COVID! This is my first time having it, and while I am beyond grateful that it happened to me after my 4th vaccine so the symptoms are minor compared to what it would be like without vaccines, I'm also totally depleted. I came home with a list a mile long of new ideas and things to accomplish, but nothing is really getting done. My energy level is very low and keeping my eyes open has proven to be a challenge. I'm also being rather pouty about the possibility of not being able to participate in the large, fun-filled Neitzel family Thanksgiving with my extended in-laws on Thursday. I was really feeling sorry for myself this morning when I tested positive again and realized if I don't test negative in the next couple of days, I won't get to see my kids for Thanksgiving either and that's never happened before. Que the violins....

It was at that pity-party moment that I thought about my best friend, Julie. She and her parents all got covid in December of 2020. This was before the vaccine was available, and all 3 of them were hospitalized. Her Dad didn't come home. Covid took him.....and a million others who won't get to spend holidays with their families ever again. Every single one of us knows someone who died from Covid in the early days of the pandemic. My pity party quickly turned into grief, not only for Julie's Dad (who I adored), but for everyone who lost their battle with Covid.....and then miraculously, I felt the warmth of being fully grateful that my turn with it came after several rounds of vaccines so I am more protected from the severity of the virus.

Things may not go the way they usually do this week, and I may not get to see the kids or my extended family for Thanksgiving. I'll likely get behind on my work, my blog posts, returning emails and phone calls, but I'm OK with it because I'm here when so many others aren't. Perspective is important, and I refuse to get down about something I can't control.

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