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Love Your Lawyer

Believe it or not, there is a special day dedicated to "love your lawyer," and it's this Friday, November 4th. What better excuse to reach out to attorneys in your town? If there are attorney offices you've not worked with yet, I encourage you to spend a part of Friday getting out there and letting them know you're a mobile Notary Public. Pop-In to introduce yourself!

Attorneys are looking for professional representation of their office, so be sure you're dressed like a professional (yes, even on "casual Friday") and don't forget to bring your winning smile and warm heart.

I know you'll feel nervous, and that is perfectly OK. No one walking into an office to meet new people wouldn't feel some level of nervousness. I want you to remind yourself that you belong there! You deserve an opportunity to meet new clients, and you're a valuable part of the team of people that support the attorney business. They need you, whether they know it at the time you Pop-In or not.

And if you're already working with attorney's in your town, Friday is an opportunity to write a letter of gratitude expressing your appreciate for the business they've given you. Be sure you focus on gratitude alone - not selling your services. Handwritten "thank you's" might seem old-fashioned, but they are the best way to authentically express your appreciation.

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