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Notary Business Builder Introduces Innovator Spotlight

Founders, Notary Business Builder
Laura Biewer, Jen Neitzel & Bill Soroka

If you’ve been a notary entrepreneur for any length of time, you already know Notary Business Builder is the one-stop-shop to build a successful business that lasts in any economy.  I am thrilled to announce an exclusive new benefit for Notary Business Builders; The Innovator Spotlight.  

This labor of love started at the National Notary Association conference in 2023.  Bill, Laura and I had been speaking about the amazing offerings several Notary Business Builders (NBB) had available.  There were notary journals, intake forms and courses, but there were also more creative products like tshirts, mugs and social media templates.  We were determined to show off the NBB group’s creative pursuits, so I created a powerpoint presentation of the incredible innovators that were a part of NBB.  We played it before each of our 3 different presentations last year as a way to honor members' creativity and help support their businesses.  As founders of Notary Business Builder, we want nothing more than to see you succeed and we will support that any way we can. 

So many attendees at the National Notary Association conference thought it was a great idea! From this, we decided to create an entire website devoted to highlighting the offerings of NBB members.  Zion Brock (the genius who brought you got to work developing an application process and website that features your genius and leverages our resources to be your promotional partner. And it’s FREE for our NBB family!

You're a creative person…I know this because all entrepreneurs find creative ways to solve problems.  It’s what we do, and that’s creativity at work.  And if you've taken the extra step to innovate or create something beautiful for the world, Notary Business Builder (NBB) wants to help spread the word. 

We want to help you promote and sell your products and services, even if they're not necessarily under the "notary umbrella." That's another step in our mission to help you serve more customers, make more money, and build a business that will thrive no matter what mortgage interest rates are doing. 

We want to be your promotional partner! 

What have you created? 

  • Notary journal? 

  • Recission calendar?

  • Templates? 

  • Sweaters?

  • Books?

  • Courses?

  • Non-profit organizations?

The Innovator Spotlight helps you answer the question we love to ask:

How can I support your business? 

When you're approved as an Innovator, you'll be included in the NBB Innovator Marketplace, where you'll be shared across platforms with thousands of potential customers. You'll be highlighted on shows, be given interviews on YouTube, broadcasted on social media channels, and so much more. Have you ever been supported like that before? 

I know you've poured your heart and resources into your dream. I know you're more than "just" a notary. Let us help the WHOLE you come alive. 

  • It doesn't matter that your product is “Magnetic Mantras” (an actual product featured on

  • It's okay if your handmade sweaters are made of Alpaca and designed for expectant mothers.

  • Your Italian cooking course is welcome here. 

We want to support all of who you are and what you're doing to make an impact on the world. 

The Innovator Spotlight application is available only to members of Notary Business Builder. 

We want to support your idea. More than that, we want to support you. NBB is far more than Innovator Spotlight too. Yes, you get access to the Innovator Spotlight application, but did you know that some of the industry's most popular courses are also included in NBB? 

Check out these NBB inclusions: 

  • A $70 discount for the hottest new training & certification available for notaries: Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent program

  • Laura Biewer Presents...Specialty Training and Replay Library

  • Marketing4Notaries 5 Point Marketing System framework

  • Notary Coach’s Sign & Thrive Notary Training Course

  • Government Affairs and Advocacy

  • The World of Apostille Course and Certification program

  • LinkedIn training and branding

  • Google Business Profile training

  • Reverse Mortgage certification

  • Search Engine Optimization training

  • Content creation for blogs and social media posts

  • Morning Mastery for Notaries

  • The Five Star Notary Course

But did you know...

There are two major tech platforms included in NBB too:

  • NotaryAssist bookkeeping software membership

  • My Life & Wishes Legacy Vault (Lifetime membership to protect your family's most valuable information- a $697 VALUE!)

And, there are ELEVEN faculty members that hold regular LIVE virtual training events that give you the most current and relevant training in the industry.  We built Notary Business Builder to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need to succeed as a notary entrepreneur. 

And it's all just $58 per month. 


$58 per month...

We can't do that price forever. There's just too much value in here. 

But that's the price right now. 

And it will stay $58 per month for you as long as you're a member. We'll never raise it up on you. There's no risk. If you join and hate it, cancel within thirty days and we'll give your money back. Plus, there is no contract or minimum term. You can cancel anytime. 

And, we don't make you jump through hoops to cancel. You can do it yourself in your account. I even made a video to show you how to cancel in the NBB Dashboard. Or, if you prefer, you can send an email to my team at and they'll help you cancel. It's easy.

We want you to succeed. All the way. To soar in '24 and beyond.

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