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Show Me The MONEY!!

A few days ago, I sent out a blog post about the Evolve summit happening in Frisco, TX on April 15th. Today, I want to dive deeper into the deep end of what we'll be discussing. This is your opportunity to learn from the BEST notary influencers in the country!

Bill: "How to Turn Every Customer Into a Lifetime Customer." Imagine having the roadmap to turning a random GNW appointment into a repeat customer. In his prolific style, Bill will share how he created lifetime customers and teach you how to do the same.

Laura: In a brand new presentation titled, "Show Me The Money," the one-and-only Laura Biewer will share how she finds customers, her pricing strategies and the financial allocation of her revenue. In her 19 years experience as a notary entrepreneur, Laura has earned her reputation as the GOAT, and she is ready to share her secrets with you .

Judi: You know her. You love her. The Queen of Apostilles will be discussing the many different avenues notaries can pursue to diversify their income. As a notary public you should never put all your eggs in one basket!

Jen: "Vulnerability in Business Relationships." As the creator of Signing Agent Marketing, I am always learning new ways to help notaries build their business. Marketing used to scare me, but not anymore! I'm breaking down the top sales secret I've learned to get more clients and make more money!

Surond: The hostess with the mostest will be the emcee of the summit and will also be sharing her topic, "Notaries Evolve."

For the cost of one trust presentation, you can spend the day learning from the country's leading notary influencers! There will be lots of mixing and mingling with a happy hour immediately after the summit ends in the hotel bar (additional costs apply). We look forward to meeting you, chatting with you and having a cocktail together to celebrate with you!

See you in Frisco, TX on April 15th!

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Sounds Spectacular ! Sadly I’m not able to go this Summit . After you all deliver those inspirational meaningful knowledge packed talks and events at happy hour raise a glass and enjoy the toast of how proud we are to be a part of this NBB and Notary Community. You have proven We are better together and I appreciate you all . 😄

Replying to

We will miss seeing you, but will be sure to raise a glass and toast you and our entire NBB community! You're right....we are better together!!

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