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Small Business Saturday

Surely you've heard about Small Business Saturday (SBS), created and sponsored by American Express? First celebrated in 2010, this national holiday calls attention to the importance of small businesses in our economy. This year it takes place on Saturday, November 26th all across the country to encourage people to shop small businesses.'re a small business! How can you get in on the fun? As luck would have it, I have a few ideas!

Cami Corvin, of Corvin's Legal Services in Capitola, CA and I just wrapped up a 3-part training inside Notary Business Builder about small town marketing secrets. If you're an NBB member and missed the training, I encourage you to watch it in the replay archives for some awesome, out-of-the-box marketing ideas.

At the end of the presentation we issued a challenge and I'd love for you to join in on the fun! It's pretty simple. Participate in Small Business Saturday, take a photo of yourself doing it and post it on social media with #SmallBusinessSaturday2022 (and #SmallBusinessSaturday2022NBB if you're a Notary Business Builder). Here are some ways to participate:

  1. Buying gratitude gifts for your biggest clients? Why not shop at the local gift shops instead of the big box stores? Ask the owner of the store to take a selfie with you and be sure to tag them and their store in your post, too!

  2. Volunteer at your local Chamber of Commerce to help them as they support SBS. If you're a member of your chamber, this is an easy way to get to know more people in the organization. Take pictures and post to your social media accounts tagging your chamber and other members who are volunteering!

  3. After all that shopping and volunteering you'll need to rest and rejuvenate. There's no better place than a local diner to do just that. Gather up your friends and family and enjoy a break from the Thanksgiving leftovers by eating out. Tell the restaurant owner what you're doing and ask them to take a selfie with you so you can post about it and encourage others to eat there, too!

  4. Maybe you just need a break from all the family that came into town for Thanksgiving? Gather up a few friends (bonus points if they're small business owners, too) and hit the locally owned pub for a toast to the holiday season. Be sure to tag the pub and #SmallBusinessSaturday2022!

  5. Need some gifts for the women in your life (or business) and not sure what to get them? A gift certificate to your local nail salon is a great gift idea! Take a selfie with the owner, post on social media and encourage others to visit that nail salon, too!

However you contribute to SBS, be sure you're using the #SmallBusinessSaturday2022 when posting on social media. Let's promote small business across the country!

If you have ideas on how to celebrate Small Business Saturday, I'd love to hear about them. Drop me an email

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