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Social Proof

My oldest daughter graduated from Texas State University in December. She has been working at a bar in Austin for several years to support herself while she was in school, which makes me so proud because she refuses to ask us for money. I trained her well (LOL)! Now that she has her degree, she is beginning to look for her first big girl job. We're encouraging her to look into sales positions because she has that natural sales ability. It's just part of her personality. I am also encouraging her and teaching her how to network! She has reached out to people she knows in different industries and they've all told her the same thing: you need a LinkedIn profile!

Being a part of Gen Z, my daughter is very familiar with social media, but she had never set up a LinkedIn profile and in fact, knew very little about it. After checking it out she described it to me as "Facebook for business." It was kind of cool to be my age and know more about a social platform than a 24 year old! It's usually the kids that teach my husband and I how to navigate new social media platforms (they are still trying to help me understand TikTok). She's actually listening to me as I coach her through setting up her LinkedIn profile, which is miraculous because like most young adults she knows "everything!" This lesson has made me realize that I really need to brush up on my LinkedIn knowledge and skills, and I just happen to be a part of an advanced notary group that has a LinkedIn expert on it's faculty!!

I am very excited to partner with the one and only Sandra Long tomorrow for a LinkedIn profile session. Much like we did with Jim Allen in January at the Google Business Profile review session, we will gather in breakout rooms to help "boost" our profiles by providing endorsements, recommendations and reviews. Of course, Sandra will provide us with the "how to" information at the top of the call. To join, you just need to have a LinkedIn profile and be a part of Notary Business Builder. This 75 minute call will begin at 1pm central/2pm eastern and 11am pacific.

If you'd like information on joining the largest notary collaboration in history, visit We are an elite community of advanced notary entrepreneurs who are committed to building a successful business in any economy by leveraging authentic sharing technology and cultivating deeper relationships.

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