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I started a conversation about health and wellness with my last blog post on Tuesday. Today, I wanted to share a podcast with you that really made an impact. This is the kind of science that makes the most sense to me. Not throwing medicine at something, but learning how what we put into our bodies can be considered useful medicine.

You know I love Mel Robbins teachings and her style resonates well with me. She doesn't get all hyped, but rather is matter-of-fact about the topics she discusses on her podcast. This particular one with Dr. Mark Hyman was fantastic. I'm sharing it for two reasons:

  1. It's full of incredible information and I learned so much

  2. I hope the guys in the NBB audience give it a listen and think about joining our health and wellness series in April that will lead to a health and wellness challenge #NBBHealthy

If you're planning to join the Building Authentic Relationships call on Wednesday, April 5th take an hour to listen to this before the call:

I can't wait to start this new series in April!

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06 de abr. de 2023

Great combination in this podcast! Mel is great, as is Dr. Mark Hyman! Very informative...

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