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Marketing4Notaries Has Solutions for Non-Members, too!

Delivering homemade treats!
Jen Neitzel's PopIns

I remember so clearly starting out as a new business owner and spending hours upon hours trying to think of creative ways to win the business of local real estate professionals.  And you name it, I tried every kind of PopIn out there! 

  • I made homemade pumpkin muffins (that I didn’t cook all the way through)

  • I gave away Starbucks gift cards (but not for long, that angle is expensive)

  • I gave away a free loan closing

  • I brought donuts and sausage rolls (a Texas favorite) to my clients and prospects

  • I delivered holiday ornaments for their seasonal office tree

  • I sponsored events by providing a food tray

  • I hosted “lunch an learns” at local real estate offices

  • I visited open houses

You name it, I did it. It was exhausting thinking of new ways to be creative, but it was a treasure trove of data on what marketing strategies work and which ones don’t (plus a few lessons about myself along the way).

Now, since July is Marketing4Notaries' 5th birthday month (and I love to celebrate as long as possible, LOL), I’m doing something special for notaries who aren’t yet M4N members.

We’re now offering solutions for every notary entrepreneur! Here’s the best part: if you’re hesitant about joining a subscription community, you can now purchase the 6-month calendar bundle individually! I know subscriptions can feel overwhelming—I've heard that from the notary community and experienced it myself with my own subscriptions. So, I wanted to give you the flexibility to buy what you need without committing to a monthly plan.

If you’re already a paid Marketing4Notaries member (including all Notary Business Builders), you’ve got access to these calendars as part of your monthly subscription. Just pull them up and start planning your PopIn visits, blogs, social media posts and gratitude gifts for this month, next month, and the one after that! recommends at least 3 marketing periods each month.

But if you’re not a member yet (why aren’t you??), and you love the idea of having 6 months of marketing ideas ready to go, created by someone who’s tried it all and knows what works! No subscription necessary.

And if this news excites you, just wait until you see what we’ve got launching next week! It’s a biggie, and you’re going to want it. You definitely need it!

P.S. Please feel free to pass this message along to your notary friends, share on social media or LinkedIn!  Sharing is caring!

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6 days ago

I love this!!!! Listening to our community and making a path for them to benefit from your knowledge and expert marketing ideas.

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