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#NBB Healthy Challenge

I just hung up from the Building Authentic Relationships call I host twice a month inside Notary Business Builder. This week was actually a bonus call where we each committed to a 7 day challenge. We decided what was most important to us individually, and made our #NBBHealthyChallenge pledge.

For support, I've created a #NBBHealthyChallenge WhatsApp group where we can share our wins or send out a call for support. You can download it here: If you'd like to join, please respond to this email with your first and last name and the number you use to text. I will then send you an invitation to join. Please be sure once you're signed up you turn the notifications ON so you will be notified when someone needs you! This idea won't work if no one knows you need them!

With their permission, I am sharing the promises fellow NBB'ers made for the next seven days in hopes you will find inspiration and join us from Thursday, April 20th to Thursday, April 27th as we challenge ourselves to be better...because together we can do anything!

  1. Jen: no gluten, dairy, refined/processed sugar, or alcohol. Eat only whole food and limit any processed foods

  2. Ev: set a timer for 20 minutes a day and complete one thing off her "I need to do this, but I hate to do this" list

  3. Jen: no chips, eat whole food and do yoga/workout daily

  4. Nina: walk a mile every day

  5. Debbie: no refined or processed sugar (rely on fruit for sweet tooth) and exercise 3 days walking, and 2 days strength training

  6. Joycelyn: start each day with positive affirmations, walk around the neighborhood every morning to get sunlight, and add more water to her routine

  7. Dianna: 64-100 oz of water each day, do strength exercises and research the Mediterranean food plan

  8. Melissa: be ready for YES before 8am and meditate/pray before picking up her phone in the morning.

  9. Kathleen: 48 oz of water between morning and night, and walk a mile with 5 different friends

  10. Tami: be ready for YES by 8am with daily workout completed

  11. William: exercise daily for 45 minutes (walking or strength training), no refined or processed sugar and eat only whole food

  12. Theresa: no refined or processed sugar

  13. Patricia: walk 20 minutes, hula hoop 5 minutes, and work on book

  14. Lorre: 15 minutes moderately intensive exercise, and no refined sugar or carbs

Lastly, here are a few tips to keep you on track:

  1. Use the #NBBHealthyChallenge WhatsApp group to send out a call for support or encouragement if you feel yourself slipping. We're all in this together, and trust me I'll be using it when my cheese or chocolate cravings kicks in!

  2. Keep a diary of your daily commitment and how you feel at the end of each day so you can see the benefits of your hard work as you work through the week.

  3. Listen to inspirational podcasts like Mel Robbins or Jay Shetty or Hal Elrod or any number of inspirational podcasts to start your day off with positive reinforcement.

I believe in you and I know you can do anything you set your mind to!

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