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Penny Whistle Photography

Y'all know Bill and Laura were in town last week for the Evolve Summit, but we did a whole lot more than just speak on new topics. When we're together, we have a lot of fun, but we also work hard creating new learning opportunities for Notary Business Builders. And if you've been around for a while, you know we're also working very hard at building up our NBB membership so we can continue our mission to help notaries make their dreams of a successful, thriving business come true. A few weeks ago, we realized we have no professional pictures of the three of us together, so we decided to use our time together in Dallas to change that.

So, after a great day of learning at the Evolve summit (my mind is still blown from Laura's "Show Me The Money," presentation which you can catch inside the Notary Business Builder replay library), we woke up early and drove to Penny Whistle Photography for a photo session. I'd met Tracy Allard, the owner of Penny Whistle a few years back when I took my pooch Piper to obedient classes at a local pet camp. You see, Tracy is also a fantastic dog trainer who helped me learn how to teach my old dog new tricks. She stuck in my mind as someone who had the same entrepreneurial spirit as me, so when it came time to trust our mugs to someone in Dallas, I instantly thought of Tracy.

Tracy's backstory is one you might find familiar. She was very high up in the corporate technology world and decided she wanted a more manageable life so she "retired," and took her two passions, photography and animals and combined them. She now owns Penny Whistle Photography in Carrollton, TX and specializes in people, pet and equine photography.

It's difficult to be "smiley" so early on a Sunday morning, but Tracy made it very easy. In fact, within a few minutes of being in her studio, Bill said that he felt like she was a kindred spirit. We started out doing individual headshots, which for the record are really difficult to nail. You have to stick your neck out, lean forward and "push your forehead to Oklahoma", as Tracy said. It felt so unnatural, but wait until we unveil our new headshots! Let me tell you, Tracy is a miracle worker! She made us look like movie stars.

After our individual headshots, we posed for 5 different branding poses with the three of us in each shot. It was very hard to keep a straight face, but we did manage (barely). Laura had the idea to do a "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" photo with the 3 of us and it's one of my favorite because it visually captures our belief in leading with integrity. At the end of the session, we wanted some candid shots where it's just the 3 of us talking and at first it felt really awkward, but I remembered something I saw on a TV show a long time ago about extras in the background of a TV set. They appear to be having conversations, but really they're just saying "watermelon, cantaloupe" over and over again. So we did that....and hilarity ensured, but we got some great shots for branding Notary Business Builder that reflect the genuine bond that Laura, Bill and I share.

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and you need headshots or branding photos (or you want to capture your adorable pet in a photo session), I encourage you to reach out to Penny Whistle Photography. I'm not an affiliate. I just love recommending local businesses that deliver amazing service!

P.S. I can't wait to share our new pictures with you next week!

P.S.S. That's Tracy in the photo at the top of this page.

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