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Another Sap Alert!

I'm working ahead this week because Bill, Laura and Judi are coming to Dallas later this week because we're all speaking at the Evolve Summit in Frisco, sponsored by AYS Notary Service, LLC and it's awesome owner, Surond Maeweathers. Part of that involved getting my blog posts ready for the coming weeks.

As I was thinking strategically about the timeline to send out my blog posts (you gotta time the whole thing to meet event dates, promotions, etc.), I had this really great moment of gratitude. I just felt this warm sense of happiness thinking about how much the notary community means to me.

I have the opportunity to talk to so many different notaries from all different states, and all different backgrounds every week (and I learn so much from them). I get to lead a calls every month about some of my favorite subjects and things that excite me like learning how to understand and move past fear, science-backed strategies for developing new habits, and even health and wellness. I get to teach notaries new strategies for marketing their businesses. I get to work side-by-side in a very creative capacity with 2 legends in the community: Laura Biewer & Bill Soroka. I get to work on side-projects, any time I want that add value, and bring new ideas to influence people's businesses from the east coast to the west coast.

I'm not bragging.

I am flabbergasted that this is my life!

Never in a million years would I have believed you if you had told me in 2017 when I went full time as a mobile notary that I would be in this position today.


Ironically, I've found myself saying a few times over the last couple of weeks to people who were feeling a bit down about their business, and were facing some hard decisions, "When you achieve your goals, it's not as if you feel done. You just continue on with different goals. You think, "If I can do that, then surely I can do _________________."

No one ever really tells you that when you're starting out as an entrepreneur. In the beginning, we daydream about how we'll be the top loan signing agent in our city. We think about completing a pre-determined, but specific number of closings each week, multiplied by 5 or 6 days of work each week, then by 4.2 (weeks in a month) and finally, we multiply that by 12 to make sure we meet our annual revenue goal (that's usually a tad unrealistic for a new business). No one that I've ever met lovingly dreams about all the hard work it takes to get that elusive annual number. About all the zoom calls, certifications, seminars, conferences, meetings, closings, canceled appointments, phone calls, emails, PopIns, technology learning, networking, time blocking, accounting, etc it takes to achieve that dream. And sometimes, we even resist the work because it isn't "easy."

But then there are days like today where you have a surprise moment of gratitude and happiness that just washes over you. Where you just feel at peace with your life.

Being a member of Notary Business Builder has significantly changed my life. I am a more confident woman because of NBB. I feel secure in our goals, and our plans to achieve them. I feel so much kindness and friendship from the leaders and members, and a true sense of belonging.

YOU did that!

So, THANK YOU for supporting me by being a part of this movement to change the lives of notaries everywhere. To erase the idea that other notaries are competition, and that there is some secret, quick path to riches.*

THANK YOU for being wonderfully, uniquely YOU and being a part of my life! I appreciate you more than you know!

*As Notary Business Builders we know the secret is building relationships with our clients and each other to achieve true success as a notary entrepreneur!

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13. huhtik. 2023

Jen you support me thru NBB, thanks! I Love Jen Coopers videos!


11. huhtik. 2023

Jen, you are the bringer of never-ending encouragement for all of us. All of the notaries whose lives and businesses you have impacted- will never be the same. So YES, you have our support, and yes, you are freaking awesome.


That was beautiful Jen. A breath of fresh air. Thank you.

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