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I did a dumb thing!

I preach about it all the time. I say it on practically every call I host or attend as a guest, but I didn't do it.

I didn't answer my phone.

I saw a call come in, I didn't recognize the number and I chose to ignore it because I was involved in doing something else. When I was back at my desk about 15 minutes later, I got the email alert from google that the call was from an attorney via my Google Business Profile and that's when I hit myself on the forehead like the gif above.

OMG, I KNOW BETTER!! And, it was a lucrative trust package call that was given to another notary who answered their phone. I know this because of course I followed up, but not fast enough.

Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I drop the ball. Sometimes I get overwhelmed just like you. We're human, and it's OK to make mistakes as long as you learn a lesson from them. So, here's the lesson I learned:

Practice what you preach and answer the phone when it rings regardless of what the display screen says. Sometimes even calls labeled, "potential spam" have actually been requests for a mobile notary. I hear that from a ton of notaries all across the country. I've committed to no longer allowing calls to go to voicemail if I don't know who's calling.

Will you join me? Comment below and let me know you're committed to answering your phone, too!

P.S. Let's make it easy for our potential customers to find us! Be sure your phone number is prominently displayed on ALL your profiles including your website, social media, LinkedIn, GBP, Gotary, etc. If you're not sure your phone number is easily noticeable then you need to check today and make adjustments where necessary. It should be the first thing your customers see when looking for a mobile notary.

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