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NBB; Where Innovation and Collaboration Meet

When someone asks you, "how can I support your business," what do you say? It's a hard question to answer if you've never given it any thought. During our weekly NBB accountability call on Tuesday afternoons, we are learning the nuances of how to answer this question. Part of the call is dedicated to these support requests, giving NBB members the opportunity to ask for the support they need from the community. This could mean "liking" their Etsy store, sharing a social media post or requesting we watch the videos on their YouTube channel. And the best part is, we're all willing to lend a hand to support each other!

One of the ways that the Notary Business Builder (NBB) is different from other learning platforms is our willingness to promote the businesses our members have created outside of their mobile notary business that support notaries around the country. I just completed a slideshow highlighting these opportunities that will travel with Bill, Laura and me as we speak at different notary conferences around the country. That's right! We love showing off the creativity of the NBB community because we believe in each members ability to be a badass notary entrepreneur.

Today, I want to highlight my friend and NBB member, Jennifer Cooper with JKC Mobile Notary in Fresno county, CA. She has launched a YouTube channel with some great advice on various topics like jail signings, choosing your notary "uniform," productivity apps to help you with your daily tasks, how to stop leaving money on the table at a signing and so much more! Her advice is accurate, she is very relatable and I learned a lot watching her videos. I invite you to visit her website and her YouTube channel to learn more about Jennifer, and while you're there be sure to "like" the videos that resonate with you the most!

This is what NBB is all about: Innovation and Collaboration. It's not about teaching you to make a quick buck. That's not a sustainable model of business. We understand that building a lasting business requires dedication, patience and support from those in a position to help, and we are happy to lend it to those who support us!

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Apr 13, 2023

This is such a great look at one of the most important aspects and benefits of NBB. I am honored that you shared my information, it means so much to me to have your support and the support of all of the NBB founders and faculty. Thanks Jen

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