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The "naked at school dream"

You know the dream I'm talking about. We've all had it...we're sitting in a classroom (or in a group of our peers) and we're naked. We feel exposed like a sitting duck and very VULNERABLE. Even thinking about those dreams makes me shudder because the feeling tends to stick with you after you've woken up and started your day. Feeling vulnerable can be extremely uncomfortable for most people, but as Brene Brown teaches us vulnerability is also the very core of building authentic relationships.

If you don't know her, Brene Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston who has spent the last 2 decades studying vulnerability, shame, empathy and courage. She is widely considered to be the leading expert on vulnerability and believes that you have to walk through vulnerability to get to courage. She teaches her students to, "embrace the suck."

I talk A LOT about building authentic relationships on my two platforms, Signing Agent Marketing and Notary Business Builder. Have you ever wondered what that really means? Well, as you might have guessed by now it's all about being vulnerable in your business relationships.

What does that look like...being vulnerable in a business relationship?

Any business is all about one thing... people. Say it with me: PEOPLE DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE THEY LIKE! And as Brene Brown teaches us, vulnerability lies at the very heart of connection. Transparent communication over time leads to hope and trust, which improves the relationship. It also creates a safe space for forgiveness where mistakes aren't punished, but looked at as learning opportunities.

Here are some ideas for showing vulnerability in your work relationships:

  1. Drop the idea that you have to be perfect (there's no such thing). You're human, therefore not perfect.

  2. Stop putting on airs. It's OK to tell someone you're actively working to build your business instead of making it seem like you've been around longer than you have actually been in the notary business.

  3. Let others be in the drivers seat when it comes to conversation. You don't have to always take the lead. Listening is a lost art and no one wants to listen to a walking resume. Ask questions.

  4. Check your ego! Embrace the idea that other notaries exist in your area. You can view them as competition OR you could make attempts to get to know them better and create a referral network, a support group (being a solopreneur can be lonely) or even a good friend.

  5. Emphasize sharing ideas. A good idea is a good idea, but if you keep it to yourself it'll never come to fruition. Trusting someone enough to share your ideas is an act of love, and you will be surprised how much support people are willing to offer you when you're vulnerable enough to let them in on it.

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